Today we gonna talk about a Facebook feature which is used widely and is known as Facebook Event. This feature called Facebook Event is widely used by the organizations, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Facebook Event is a feature of Facebook by which one can announce the upcoming event of their company or organization. It is a feature which will create a huge engagement before that particular event.

So, today Digijiyo Solutions will provide you with the step-by-step process to create a Facebook Event so that your upcoming event will grab a huge buzz.

Steps to Create a Facebook Event on Facebook Business Page-

Below steps will clear the complete picture on creating and publishing a Facebook Event.

  • Step-1: Tap to Facebook and log in with your details.
  • Step-2: Open the Facebook Page which you manage.
  • Step-3: Find the Event link, which will be placed around the posts & videos section.
  • Step-4: Click on the Create Event Button.
  • Step-5: A pop-up window will open after it, which will ask you some details.
  • Step-6: Here you can upload an event video or photo and then fill some basic details like start and end date and time of the particular event.
  • Step-6: After providing these details, you will be asked to provide the category as well as the description of the event.
  • Step-7: After all these processes, you have also an option to provide the URL from where your audience can book/buy the ticket. If you don’t have any ticket booking process then you can skip the box.
  • Step-8: Finally, you will see a Publish Button with a scroller. You can either Publish the event now or can also schedule it to a particular date and time.

So, the above steps will create and publish your event on your Facebook Business Page.

Now some people also search for creating a private event on Facebook and here we will answer it.

So come let’s explore the step-by-step process by which we can create a private Facebook Event and here we go.

  • Facebook also provides an option which is called as Create Private Event. In this feature, you have to log into your personal Facebook Account and then click on the More Dropdown Menu.
  • In the drop-down menu, you will see Event Option.
  • Click the Event Option.
  • It will ask you whether you want to publish the event publicly or privately.
  • Choose the Create Private Event Option.
  • Fill all the details and finally click on the create event option.

Your Private Event has been created and now you can invite your Facebook Friends by sending them the invitation privately.

So, this is how the private event get published on Facebook. We hope you guys now have the very clear picture about creating a Facebook Event on Facebook Business Page and creating a Private Facebook Event from the personal Facebook account.

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